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Using BlueMap on Server-Networks (BungeeCord/Velocity)

You can use BlueMap on Server-Networks (BungeeCord/Velocity) and show all your maps from multiple server on a single webapp. There are multiple ways to achieve this.

General Setup

For all setups you will need to install BlueMap like normally on every game-server in your network that you want to render maps on.

Make sure that the map-configs are NAMED DIFFERENTLY across the entire network!
Since the map’s identifier is derived from the config-file’s name, you need to make sure that each map has a unique identifier!

(You can’t install BlueMap on the Proxy-Server directly, so don’t try that)

Using a combined storage

Either you have an SQL-Server to which you can connect from all your game-servers, or you have some way to access the same folder from them all (e.g. mounting a shared drive/folder). Either of them can be used to combine all the map-data from different servers.


  • configure either the storages/sql.conf on all server to the same sql-server, or the storages/file.conf on all server to the same (shared) folder
  • configure all maps on all servers to use that storage
  • choose one of those servers to be the server that will host the web-app. On this server: create an extra map-config like here: “Hosting static maps” for each map that is on the other servers

Now the maps from the other servers should be visible on the web-app of this one server.

If you want to have live updating markers and player-markers on all maps, turn on the write-markers-interval and the write-players-interval in each plugin.conf on the other servers.
Or if you plan on hosting the entire map with an external-webserver you can reverse-proxy each maps live-interface to the correct game-server. See: External Webserver (File-Storage) and External Webserver (SQL-Storage).

Using an external-webserver and different storages

If you can’t store all maps on the same storage, you can also use an external-webserver to host the webapp, and just reverse-proxy all maps to the webserver on each of the game-servers.


  • copy the webapp from one of the game-servers to the webroot of the external-webserver => Copy everything in ./bluemap/web except the ./bluemap/web/maps folder
  • open the settings.json file that you just copied and add all map-identifiers to the maps array (the name of the map-config-files on all game-servers without the .conf ending, and special-characters are to be replaced with a _)
  • configure your webserver so that it reverse-proxies all requests going to /maps/<map-identifier> to the webserver of the correct game-server

If that is all done correctly, you should now see the web-app with all your maps on the external-webserver.