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Installing Resourcepacks or Datapacks

BlueMap supports the use of minecraft resourcepacks and datapacks. If you want to change the appearance of your map, use high resolution textures or fancy block-models or customize biomes.

If you change your resource/data-pack setup you need to delete your previous renders! Purge your maps with /bluemap purge <map>. Otherwise, you might get broken models and/or weird texture-mixups.

To install a resource/data-pack you just need to put the pack-folder or zip into the folder packs next to your configuration files and reload BlueMap. BlueMap will scan the folder and try to load every resource it finds.

Sponge, Forge, Fabric: ./config/bluemap/packs/
Spigot/Paper: ./plugins/BlueMap/packs/ CLI: ./config/packs/

You can use more than one resource/data-pack. Like in minecraft, they will override each other. They are loaded in alphabetical order, so a pack called will override
This means you can reorder them by renaming them e.g.,

Make sure the resource/data-pack is for the correct minecraft-version. Otherwise, it might not be loaded correctly.
You can check the ./bluemap/logs/debug.log (./data/logs/debug.log on cli) to find warnings that might occur when loading resource/data-packs.