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Commands and Permissions

Here is a table with all commands and their permissions that you can use if you use BlueMap as a plugin/mod:

Arguments that look like <this> are required!
Arguments that look like [this] are optional!

Command you might need

command permission description
/bluemap bluemap.status displays BlueMaps render status
/bluemap version bluemap.version displays BlueMaps version and some more useful system-information
/bluemap help displays a list of all possible BlueMap-commands
/bluemap reload [light] bluemap.reload reloads all resources, configuration-files and the web-server (light => re-loads everything other than resources (resourcepacks/mods) which is faster)
/bluemap maps bluemap.status shows all maps loaded by BlueMap
/bluemap worlds bluemap.status shows all worlds loaded by BlueMap
/bluemap storages bluemap.status shows all storages configured/available
/bluemap storages <storage> bluemap.status shows a list of all maps that are on this storage
/bluemap storages <storage> delete <map> bluemap.delete deletes the (unloaded) map from that storage (for deleting loaded maps, use the /bluemap purge <map> command)
/bluemap stop bluemap.stop pauses all rendering (persists over a server-restart)
/bluemap start bluemap.start resumes all paused rendering (persists over a server-restart)
/bluemap freeze <map-id> bluemap.freeze pauses all updates on a specific map (persists over a server-restart)
/bluemap unfreeze <map-id> bluemap.freeze resumes all updates on a previously frozen map (persists over a server-restart)
/bluemap purge <map-id> bluemap.purge purges (deletes) all data of a rendered map (the map will be re-rendered afterwards, as long as it is not frozen)

Commands you usually don’t need

command permission description
/bluemap update [world / map] [x z] [block-radius] bluemap.update updates the whole world or optionally a defined radius around the player (only renders changed chunks)

BlueMap detects and updates your map automatically, usually you should not need this command :)
/bluemap force-update [world / map] [x z] [block-radius] bluemap.update.force renders (even if nothing has changed) the whole world or optionally a defined radius around the player

BlueMap has a really reliable way of detecting changes in your world and only rendering those. You should only need this command for testing!
/bluemap cancel [task-ref] bluemap.cancel cancels the last (or the referenced) render-task in the queue

You usually should not need this command. Consider using /bluemap freeze instead :)
/bluemap debug block bluemap.debug prints some debug info about the blocks at the players
/bluemap debug flush <world> bluemap.debug saves the world and flushes scheduled tile-updates
/bluemap debug cache bluemap.debug clears bluemap’s world-caches
/bluemap debug dump bluemap.debug creates a file ./bluemap/dump.json containing lots of info about bluemaps current state