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How to add custom domains to Bluemap webserver with Cloudflare Tunnels?

  1. What do you need for this?
  2. Adding a domain to Cloudflare
  3. Setting Zero Trust Dashboard

What do you need for this?

  • Cloudflare account,
  • Domain you own,
  • Server you can install Cloudlare Tunnels,
  • Credit card/prepaid card you have.

Adding a domain to Cloudflare

(You can skip this part and go to Setting Zero Trust Dashboard part)

Go to Websites, click on “Add a site” then write your domain name.

  1. “Select your plan”
    • You can choose Free plan at the bottom.
  2. “Review DNS records”
    • You can skip it because we don’t need to set a dns for this method.
  3. “Change your nameservers”
    • Go to the site you bought your domain and change nameservers to Cloudflare’s nameservers.

After doing these parts go to Traffic, Cloudflare Tunnel and click on Launch Zero Trust Dashboard.

Setting Zero Trust Dashboard

Go to Access, Tunnels and click on Complete Setup then follow these steps.

  1. Choose your team name
    • Name it anything you want.
  2. Choose a plan
    • You can pick the Free plan.
  3. Proceed to payment
    • Just add a payment method and click on purchase.
    • If you’ve picked the Free plan, a credit/prepaid card is required for security reasons, but you won’t be spending any money for it.
  4. Go back to Tunnels again
    • Name it anything you want and save the tunnel.
  5. Install Connector
    • Choose your operating system (you can choose Docker if you couldn’t find yours), install and run the Connector.
  6. Edit public hostname
    • Subdomain: You can name it anything you want.
    • Domain: Pick the domain you want to use for Bluemap.
    • Path: Leave it empty.
    • Type: Select HTTP (it will set itself back to https).
    • URL: You can use your ipv4 address (not public but local, for example 192.168.1.xx). Put “:” at the end of it and type the port you’re using for Bluemap (it’s 8100 by default).
      • It should be look something like “192.168.1.xx:8100”

After that it should be working without a problem at the subdomain you set.