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Reverse proxy BlueMap with NGINX

Here are some examples how you can use NGINX to reverse-proxy your BlueMap.

This is useful if you want to integrate your map in your website, or want to add SSL-capabilities.

Assumptions / Prerequisites

  • You have access to your servers shell (not only the minecraft-console).
  • You have NGINX already installed.
  • NGINX is running on the same machine as BlueMaps integrated webserver. (If that is not the case you’ll need to replace localhost with the correct ip in the examples below)
  • BlueMaps integrated webserver is running on port 8100. (Again, just replace 8100 with the actual port below)

If you want, you can tell the internal-webserver to only connect to one specific address like e.g., so it is no longer accessible from the outside (by default it just connects to all available interfaces):
To do this, just open the webserver.conf and add the ip: "" setting somewhere.

BlueMap on a subdirectory of your website

If you have a normal website hosted with NGINX and want your map on /map (e.g then you can just add this to your NGINX configuration:

server {

  location /map/ {

BlueMap on a subdomain

If you want BlueMap on a subdomain e.g. then you’d add something like this to your nginx config:

server {
  listen 80;
  listen 443 ssl;


  location / {