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Before using Bluemap (or any map plugin) with Minecraft Earth maps, you need to do some pre-configuration. This is due to lighting and rendering issues with WorldPainter as a whole due to it depending on chunks being loaded.

You’ll need some plugins: Chunky, ChunkyBorder, and Light Cleaner.

Make sure you’ve frozen and purged the map first (/bluemap freeze <map-id> to pause any automatic rendering, and /bluemap purge <map-id> to clean up old chunks)

First off, set the world border. This will ensure that players cannot escape the earth map and helps with Chunky and Light Cleaner later. Open this link and follow the steps for your worldmap size:
This will also prerender the map to remove some extra issues. Wait for it to finish before proceeding.

Next, do /cleanlight world <World name>. This will clean up the bugged lighting on these maps, letting BlueMap properly render the map. Wait for it to finish (you can check with /cleanlight status, it’s going to take a while).

Now that preconfiguration is done, unfreeze the world with /bluemap unfreeze <map-id>, and do /bluemap update <map-id> to start rendering the world again!